The Lower Franconia area is situated between Frankfurt and Nuremberg in the northern part of Bavaria.

The Capital is Würzburg, well known for its “Residenz” and “Feste Marienberg”.


During the past decades the region has evolved more and more not only due to its world famous wines but also due to its cultural and natural landscapes. Tourism has grown considerably through the past years. And it is still growing. Not only for German visitors but also for people from abroad. Some of which are just staying one or two days when passing trough, others might stay for a whole vacation.


The river Main with its inflows as well as the surrounding highlands are characterizing the whole area with regard to climate, cultural and natural aspects. The area is known for a dry and warm climate. While Lower Frankonia specializes in wines, bordering Upper Frankonia with its capital Bamberg is world-known as the area with the highest density of breweries.


Our hotel CAVALLESTRO together with the Restaurants "Woodland Inn" and the "Gallo Pardo" are family run and situated in the outskirts of Kitzingen, about twenty kilometers east of Würzburg. The hotel has recently expanded from 10 to 54 brand new rooms and appartments.


By means of guided biking, hiking and canoeing tours the CAVALLESTRO-Team will take the opportunity to show you the area around the river Main’s “triangle” area.


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